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6 Reasons to Embrace Telehealth

Clients are counting on you to provide remote veterinary services. Doing so makes your practice more efficient and can improve its financial health.

Veterinary telehealth is certainly not new. Jokingly, veterinarians say it started in the late 1800s, when the telephone was invented. Today, the main questions surrounding telehealth center on the regulations governing its use and why a veterinarian should consider offering telehealth services. But first, let’s define teleheath in the veterinary context. Veterinary telehealth is the […]


Lease for Less

Legal Lingo

Here’s what veterinary practice owners need to know before they sign a commercial rental agreement.

If you’re a soon-to-be veterinary practice owner, your initial reaction to finding suitable commercial space likely is excitement about the opportunity to move in and start growing your business. But before you do anything, you’ll want to focus on the lease agreement and all its implications. As with many legal agreements, a poorly drafted lease […]


6 Ways to Compete With Online Pharmacies

Do you think clients always choose the least expensive option for pet medications? Think again. Convenience and service win in the race to fill prescriptions.

Soon after Jamee DeSimone went to work nearly 10 years ago as a client service representative at Shaffer Animal Hospital, she recommended using social media rather than word of mouth to inform pet owners about the clinic’s offerings. Eventually, she pushed the four-doctor practice in Oviedo, Florida, to leverage technology to engage clients and make […]

corporate ownership

Your Ownership Choices

Money Matters

Consolidator money is chasing multidoctor practices. If you don’t want to start a clinic from scratch, consider buying an overlooked hospital or obtaining a small stake in a corporate transaction. 

The situation is all too common. You were promised — or you at least expected — the opportunity to become a partner in the veterinary practice where you work, only to be outbid by a corporate consolidator. Is this the end of your dream to own a veterinary hospital? It doesn’t have to be. Let’s […]

social engineering

Tricks of the Trade

Computer hackers take advantage of email recipients’ trust and curiosity. You can avoid becoming a victim if you know what to watch for. 

Criminals who engage in social engineering — the art of manipulating people into giving up confidential information — usually hunt for passwords and bank account information, or even for direct access to a computer so that they can secretly install malicious software. They take advantage of a person’s inclination to trust others. One of the […]


Breaking With Tradition

Politics and Policy

The veterinary establishment needs to trust the judgment of practitioners and appreciate what a virtual VCPR can do for pet care.

As the adoption of telemedicine rises, discussions persist on the details surrounding virtual care. A point that pet health stakeholders haven’t agreed on is whether the veterinarian-client-patient relationship (VCPR) should be established virtually. This past April, May and June helped to sort out the differences in how organizations view the telemedicine VCPR, or more precisely, […]

pet insurance

How to Evaluate the Value of Pet Insurance

Vetting carriers and recommending one or more to a client can enhance pet owner loyalty.

Client loyalty is every veterinary practice’s most valuable intangible asset. While many factors create loyalty, client communication is probably the most important. In 2019, the American Veterinary Medical Association encouraged veterinary teams to communicate the availability of pet health insurance to clients and explain to them how insurance can improve the health, quality of life […]


Calling All Superheroes

Creative Disruption

The veterinary profession isn’t doing enough to keep pace with the skyrocketing number of pet owners. We need more DVM graduates, and we must make better use of technicians and technology. 

The demand for veterinary services is growing and the supply of veterinary professionals is not, which is both a blessing and a curse. A blessing for millions of new pet owners who benefit from a fur baby’s unconditional love. A curse in figuring out how best our profession can deal with the growing need for […]

artificial intelligence

Open Your Mind to AI

Innovation Station

Thanks to technology and the power of artificial intelligence, more of yesterday’s referral patients can be diagnosed at today’s primary care practices.

The son of a veterinarian, I grew up in a clinic and, like many of my colleagues, knew from my earliest memory that I would become a veterinarian. My recollection of companion animal practice revolves around large shifts in the industry. I remember hearing the word “parvovirus” in the late 1970s, when I was a […]


Make Your PIMS Work for You

Aim high when shopping for a new practice software system, but keep your expectations in check and prepare your team for the necessary adjustment period.

So, you need to pick a new practice information management system, huh? I get it. You’re opening a veterinary practice, or you’re buying an existing clinic and you (or your new team members) hate the current PIMS. Or maybe your servers are old and you’re excited about another software system’s unique features. Or perhaps you’re […]