Tom Bohn

Exit interview: The NAVC’s Tom Bohn

He helped transform the North American Veterinary Community from a 22-person organization into one that greatly expanded its workforce, budget and mission. Now he’s taking his drive, talent and ideas elsewhere.

Tom Bohn, CAE, MBA, joined the North American Veterinary Community, publisher of Today’s Veterinary Business, as CEO in January 2013. This past fall he announced his resignation and subsequent move from Orlando, Florida, to Chicago, where he will serve as CEO of the Association for Corporate Growth. Today’s Veterinary Business: Before you were hired at […]

Better taste, less waste

A renewed focus on chewable medications can increase product sales, generate additional profits and promote client compliance.

As practicing veterinarians, we often have many choices for what we prescribe our patients. Many drugs come in multiple forms, such as caplets, liquids and chewables. Compounding pharmacies give us even more options. Why do we choose one over the other? What do our clients prefer? In this article, let’s explore chewable medications. Deliciously Good From the […]

Be the center of attraction

Why waste time looking for new clients if you don’t know why pet owners are leaving? Correct your hospital’s problems and start a marketing campaign.

In spite of a good economy and more owned U.S. pets, a couple of studies have shown concerning trends in veterinary medicine. The first piece of data comes from Insiders’ Insights, a Veterinary Hospital Managers Association monthly study of the same approximately 700 practices, which revealed that since 2014, new client numbers have declined every […]

Extra! Extra!

Protect and Defend

A standard liability policy might not be sufficient for your practice. Consider umbrella coverage to protect against larger or multiple claims.

The number of lawsuits filed and monetary awards handed out have increased in today’s litigious society. As a result, coverage limits in standard commercial general liability policies — typically $1 million per occurrence and $2 million in annual aggregate — are often insufficient for modern veterinary practices. Your liability related to the transmission of zoonotic […]

Vaccine usage slows in second quarter

The Vetalytix Report

Overall clinical volume rises more than 5% nationwide, but growth isn’t as strong among East Coast practices.

Welcome to The Vetalytix Report for the second quarter of 2019. In the tables that follow, we reaffirm a consistent theme that no two markets for veterinary medicine are identical and that the practices that serve those markets face unique challenges. For the independent practice to thrive in today’s hypercompetitive environment, it’s critical to understand […]

Imagine that!

Innovation Station

Veterinary medicine needs more possibilist thinking. Technology holds the key.

In his brilliant book “Factfulness,” physician-statistician Hans Rosling defined “possibilist” as an alternative mindset to an optimist (who simply believes that good outcomes will happen) or a pessimist (who doesn’t spend the energy to imagine good outcomes and who, by the way, is kind of boring). A possibilist instead believes that a strong set of […]

4 financing solutions

If you’re looking to grow your hospital or start one, then consider loans, lease agreements or even business credit cards to help you achieve your goal.

Lori Scarlett, DVM, had been thinking of opening a veterinary practice for a while. When space opened up that she thought would be perfect, she jumped on it. But her initial attempts to find financing were frustrating. She talked with local banks, but they required more money down than what she wanted to invest and […]

veterinary exam room

Sound advice (and more)

Constructive Criticism

When carving out space for alternative medicine treatments, your goal should be to create a calming atmosphere by reducing noise, odors and other distractions.

I’ve witnessed many changes in animal care over my almost 25 years of designing veterinary hospitals, from technology and standards of care to treatment options and growing awareness of preventive and wellness care, to name a few. To me, the biggest change has involved pet owners and their mindset that pets are no longer merely […]

Find the sweet spot

Diagnosis of a diabetic pet is the first step in a long course of regulation, maintenance and ongoing care. What you do from the start can put the client’s mind at ease and ensure long-term compliance.

“Fuzzy has what? I thought only people got diabetes.” You have just gotten a patient history, performed a physical examination and started talking with your client about the diagnoses that concern you. The presentation of a polyuria, polydipsia, polyphagia and weight loss are pretty classic for a few conditions, but your knowledge and experience tell […]

What are you buying exactly?

Money Matters

If you’re considering practice ownership, learn the differences between an equity purchase and an asset purchase.

One of the most important aspects to understand when you buy a veterinary practice is whether you are getting the business’s assets or equity in the existing company. I know I’m asking you to understand accounting terms, but this is important and pretty easy to grasp. When you buy the assets, you get all the […] Protection Status