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Pet Projects

If your clinic doesn’t provide grooming or behavior care, why not? Other practices are making money off the services.

Regardless of whether your practice is growing or you’re trying to fend off a decline in business, you should always explore and execute new revenue streams. The 2020 Well-Managed Practice Revenue Benchmarks Study asked about services introduced in the previous two years or planned for the next two years. The list included acupuncture, hospice care, […]

pandemic predictions

Our Trusty Retrospect-o-scope

What did we — and the profession — get right about pet owners and veterinary practices during the pandemic? It all depends.

Nearly two years into it, the COVID-19 crisis has been a rollercoaster ride for veterinary medicine. As everyone pondered what the profession needed to do to survive and hopefully thrive during this truly once-in-a-lifetime experience, the one recommendation heard most often was the mandate for change. Three of our past articles — “12 Ways to […]


The New Dawn of Digitization

Innovation Station

We are at the earliest stages of a shift of where, when and how diagnostics are used.

Diagnostics are a critical component of patient care, enabling veterinary teams to uncover information that can strengthen or refute a particular direction for diagnosis, treatment and prognosis. Historically, diagnostic devices have been limited to hospital use, a model that limits access and raises the cost for significant portions of the pet-owning public. That’s what the […]


When Clients Sue

Legal Lingo

Empathy and communication go a long way in heading off veterinary litigation. Unfortunately, a New Jersey case shows what can happen in their absence.

If running a business isn’t difficult enough, veterinarians often worry about getting sued for malpractice or negligence. One reason they are fearful is obvious: A well-publicized lawsuit can quickly ruin a veterinarian’s career and practice. Another reason is less apparent: No one, not even an attorney, can predict the outcome of a lawsuit with certainty. […]


All for a Good Cause

Practice Smarter

Being charitable is honorable, but don’t overdo it. Consider giving each veterinarian an annual budget to spend on clients and nonprofit groups in financial need.

Every veterinary practice wishes to be charitable with nonprofit groups and disadvantaged clients, but the benevolence sometimes becomes a financial burden. In addition, having to turn down a charity or pet owner can be uncomfortable and stressful. So, let’s deal with these situations in a smarter, not harder fashion, devise a way to be generous […]

pet wellness

All’s Well That Ends Well

Practices can choose a vendor’s preventive-care platform or create their own. Either way, the pet and clinic benefit. 

When looking at pet wellness plans, I see detailed programs designed to support good health and encourage well-being and then informal programs that integrate preventive care into a veterinary practice’s routine. Let’s start by examining what I do at my hospital and then talk about the programs offered by corporate players. I never considered offering […]

workforce crisis

Up, Up and Away!

Creative Disruption

We can solve our profession’s workforce crisis and other challenges despite what the skeptics say. Pet owners are counting on us.  

Pet numbers are up, pet lifespans are up, pet spending is up, the family-pet bond is up, veterinary fees are up, compensation is up, student debt is up, barriers to care are up, applications to veterinary school are up, efficiency through technology utilization is up, team-based health care delivery is up, and new models of […]


Split Decision

Rather than sell his practice to the highest bidder, an Arizona veterinarian made his employees the owners.

According to one estimate, more than 14 million U.S. workers participate in an ESOP, or employee stock ownership plan. In August 2021, that number increased by 300 when my 24-hour emergency, specialty and primary care clinics, 1st Pet Veterinary Centers, implemented an ESOP. As far as I know, we are one of the very few veterinary practices […]

diabetes cat

A Diabetes Success Story

One cat owner, guided by her veterinary-aware daughter, responded appropriately when the clinical signs pointed to a likely diagnosis.

Anyone who has worked in a veterinary practice expects to receive calls about a friend or family member’s pet health problem. When my mom said, “Deb, I think something is wrong with Charlie,” I wasn’t surprised. Over the years, Charlie had a few issues with which I usually helped. I am not medically trained, but […]


Start From Scratch in Itch Cases

Every clinic team member should be alert to pertinent dermatologic clues, beginning with a thorough patient history.

Nothing’s easy in veterinary dermatology. “Every itch complaint looks the same,” said Jennie Tait, AHT, RVT, a charter member of the Academy of Dermatology Veterinary Technicians. “There are no magic bullets. Because everything looks the same, it will take multiple appointments to work the itchy animal up. What you’re seeing is most likely just the […]