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practice ownership

Follow the Money

Is practice ownership right for you? If it’s time, consider three options.

It’s 3 in the morning, cold, dark and rainy. I’m 3 or 4 years old and sitting in the backseat of my dad’s truck as he heads out to deliver another calf or fix another prolapsed uterus. Fast-forward a few years and dad has traded in the life of a mixed-animal practitioner to build a […]


Complement With a Supplement

Add to your practice’s revenue streams by recommending, stocking and selling safe alternative therapies.

In the 1990s, when supplements were introduced to the veterinary field, there was great confusion as to where they fit into the greater scheme of things. They weren’t a prescription medication, so they could sit in the lobby and anybody could buy them. They weren’t FDA regulated, so you didn’t have a legal entity to […]


Improve Your Feel for Fees

Practice Smarter

You owe it to yourself and your practice to price veterinary services appropriately and profitably.

A recent Veterinary Hospital Managers Association survey revealed: 12% of the responding practices will not increase their fees in 2021. 16% will increase fees on non-shopped services only. 64% will increase fees on both shopped and non-shopped services. I found the results a little surprising. Your fee schedule is the lifeblood of your practice. Your […]

pet health

Seize the Opportunity

The veterinary industry might be at a tipping point when rising interest in pet insurance meets increased awareness of the need for pet health care.

What Nissan Mosapor, RVT, hates more than just about anything is facing a pet owner at the front desk who has to choose between paying rent and providing for a beloved pet’s serious health care needs. “When you have someone in that situation, it’s heartbreaking for the whole staff,” said Mosapor, the founder and co-owner […]


The Price of Success

Politics and Policy

From A to V, here’s what you can expect from legislators and regulators on policy issues involving pet health care.

My company, Animal Policy Group, employs a team of four researchers who track legislation and state board or agency actions in 50 states and the District of Columbia 365 days a year. Believe it or not, last year we monitored over 15,000 pieces of legislation affecting veterinarians or pets. Most of those bills fell to […]

practice owner

Ownership Is a Great Idea

Money Matters

Nothing is guaranteed, but investing in and running a veterinary hospital can be a win-win financially and for your career.

At some point in their career, all veterinarians in private practice imagine their ideal hospital — from the type and level of medicine practiced to the diagnostic equipment purchased to the experience that clients would expect. To create that ideal practice, you need to own the business. Becoming an owner is achievable regardless of how […]


6 Ways to Reverse the Specialist Shortage

Innovation Station

How we train residents isn’t sustainable. Online learning and greater collaboration between universities and private practice are among the solutions.

I followed a relatively typical path to becoming a veterinary ophthalmologist. I graduated from an accredited veterinary school, matched and completed a one-year rotating internship at an academic institution, and then did a two-year private practice ophthalmology residency alongside dedicated board-certified mentors. I attended MD program lectures and rounds, spent a month here and there […]

veterinary technicians

Let’s Embrace Techs and Tech

Creative Disruption

Making full use of a veterinary nurse’s skills and competencies can help more pets get the care they need and make the practice even more successful.

I’m certain that readers will agree when I remind them that veterinary professionals are brilliant, charming, good-looking, popular and humble. Can’t forget humble. In fact, we’ve never been more popular. Don’t believe me? Just look at your appointment book. Everyone wants to spend time with you. An American Pet Products Association survey reported that 11.38 […]

insurance agent

A Crisis Situation

Legal Lingo

The pandemic upended how veterinary care is provided. Make sure your business is adequately protected.

COVID-19, the little virus responsible for so much tragedy, changed our collective future in a few short months. We are at a crossroads today. On one hand, we mourn the unprecedented loss. On the other, we rejoice in an incredible scientific achievement: Modern science and technology delivered multiple highly effective vaccines within a time frame […]



Prescribing long-acting injectable drugs drives compliance and return visits and gives the pet exactly what it needs.

Advances in veterinary medicine and pharmacology are giving practitioners access to more options than ever in the treatment of companion animals. A newer technology that’s changing the product landscape is the long-acting injectable. Drugs like ProHeart, Cytopoint, Adequan and others offer several advantages over oral take-home medications. Chief among the advantages? Client compliance. “To me, […]