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Brakke report examines hospitals’ internet sales

The chance of an independent practice doing business online is 50-50.

Brakke report examines hospitals’ internet sales

Brakke Consulting has released an in-depth report exploring online sales at small animal veterinary practices.

The Veterinary Practice Home Delivery Report, available for $8,900, finds a lot of room for growth in the online business arena. Data compiled from more than 1,100 respondents showed that:

  • Half of independently owned practices operate an online store or pharmacy.
  • Online sales represent roughly 1 percent of the average independently owned practice’s annual revenues.

Dallas-based Brakke noted that the report, broken down by region and clinic size, also looks at:

  • Practice and respondent demographics.
  • How veterinarians address clients’ preference for online or phone ordering.
  • Client use of a clinic’s online store.
  • Trends in writing prescriptions for online pharmacies.
  • Performance ratings for three leading home-delivery providers: VetSource, Vet’s First Choice and My VetStore Online.

More information is available at [email protected].