Terry O’Neil, CPA, CVA

missed charges

Lost and found

Missed charges can cost a veterinary practice tens of thousands of dollars a year. Using audits, better protocols and safety nets will help you keep more of what you truly earned.

Missed charges are an unfortunate fact of life at veterinary practices. Even if they have the best of intentions, few hospitals can claim a 100% capture rate. Billing mistakes are guaranteed to happen from time to time. But what makes missed charges such an insidious problem is how easy it is to underestimate the scope. […]

5 ways to better manage labor

Being creative with employee schedules and developing a team-oriented culture can lead to a more profitable practice.

In the midst of the day-to-day flurry of wagging tails and purring patients, it’s easy to lose sight of strategies that can help keep a veterinary hospital healthy and running smoothly. Developing a plan to effectively manage labor costs is one strategy that can help do just that. The cost of labor is one of […]