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curbside appointments

A view from the curb

How do clients and team members really feel about drive-up appointments? Pet owners miss the face-to-face contact, while the veterinary staff reports some pros and cons.

I admit it: I got a pandemic dog. After my soul dog, Jack, passed away in February, I knew I’d eventually want another dog. I started looking at various animal rescues but couldn’t find “the one.” That changed over Memorial Day weekend. The Thursday before, I was attending a virtual happy hour with colleagues when […]


Crisis communication

VetPartners Corner

Your digital messaging needs to stand out from the crowd if you hope to reach distracted clients. Great subject lines matter.

“Stay home, save up to 50%!” was the subject line of an email I received from one of my favorite retailers. It completely turned me off. Thanks to COVID-19, my business was down about 30%, I was terrified to look at my retirement account, and I wouldn’t have had anywhere to go in my new […]

chewable pet medication

Pill proxy

Chewable medications appeal to pets, won’t frustrate clients and will boost your veterinary business. 

When Dixie, a black Labrador retriever, had a skin lesion that wasn’t improving, her veterinarian put her on antibiotics. After the first round didn’t work, a second round of antibiotics was started, but Dixie’s veterinarian still couldn’t figure out why the “little rash” wasn’t responding. “I went to go clean out our guest bathroom one […]


How the big dogs recruit

Corporate-owned hospitals know what is needed to attract top talent. Private practices looking for veterinarians can compete with the giants, too. 

It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there. With too many available jobs in veterinary medicine and too few qualified applicants to fill those jobs, corporate groups are pulling out all the stops to attract top talent. How has the current job market changed the way corporations are recruiting, and can private-practice owners compete? What Candidates Want […]


The scourge of discrimination

Ugly acts of bigotry and intolerance are perpetrated by colleagues and clients. Learn what your practice can do to become more diverse and inclusive.

It was a typical day at the corporate veterinary hospital where Dr. Donna Smith had been employed for nearly a year. After seeing patients, Dr. Smith walked into a central treatment area and saw a noose fashioned from white nylon rope hanging from an overhead examination light. Dr. Smith, who is African American, asked the […]

Plant a seed

Recommending cannabis for a pet, and even talking about it with clients, is tricky. When the subject is handled properly, veterinary cannabis can add to a practice’s bottom line.

My dog loves popcorn, but not just any popcorn. He loves the simple, homemade stuff — just oil, corn and salt — that I make in my grandfather’s old popcorn pot. Since Jack, my 12-year-old miniature schnauzer, was a puppy, he’d come running as soon as he heard the kernels begin to pop, jumping up […]

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