Shawn Messonnier, DVM

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pet dental cleaning

Sink your teeth into it

Getting pet owners to agree to a dental cleaning takes a commitment on your part. Show the evidence of disease, prepare handouts and talk about the ill effects of poor oral health.

Ever since I graduated from veterinary school in 1987, the importance of oral health has grown as we learned more about the incidence and significance of periodontal disease. We rarely cleaned pet teeth in veterinary school, and I don’t recall an actual lecture or lab devoted to the topic. In people, periodontal disease, causing systemic […]

Re-examine your pharmacy

It’s OK to walk away from drug sales, but whether you do or not, revenue lost to outside sellers can be recaptured in other ways.

When I began my career in veterinary medicine, our profession faced the challenge of low-cost vaccine and spay/neuter clinics. Then we saw flea preventives show up in stores. Then corporate medicine began testing the solo practitioner. This was followed by many of our over-the-counter products ending up on the internet. And now we have an […] Protection Status