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Peter Weinstein, DVM, MBA

Dr. Peter Weinstein owns PAW Consulting and is the executive director of the Southern California Veterinary Medical Association. He serves as chair of the American Veterinary Medical Association’s Veterinary Economics Strategy Committee.

Dr. Peter Weinstein owns PAW Consulting and is the executive director of the Southern California Veterinary Medical Association. He serves as chair of the American Veterinary Medical Association’s Veterinary Economics Strategy Committee.


What now?

With little warning, the COVID-19 pandemic pummeled the veterinary industry and transformed patient care, client relations and staffing. Will we ever return to the “old normal,” or is more upheaval still to come?

Over the past few months — it feels like decades — the world of veterinary practice has been totally disrupted from the medical and business perspectives. Before February, many practicing veterinarians were convinced that corporate consolidators, online merchants, millennials or some other outside influence would be the source of the profession’s greatest upheaval ever seen. […]


Ear ye, ear ye

Diagnosing and treating otitis can be a real pain if a client is non-compliant. Honest conversations and even the convenience of your online pharmacy can provide comfort, if not a cure, to both the pet owner and patient.

As frustrating as cancer, as challenging as kidney disease and sometimes as expensive as both, chronic otitis is debilitating to the pet suffering from it and to the pet owner looking for relief of both their pet and credit card. And as with so many of the conditions that veterinarians treat, success relies on an […]

practice safety

12 ways to sustain your practice

Tough times need tough people. This is a great time for caution tempered with common sense. 

Listen to Podcasts Pandemics and Economics: Two Words Not Used in Veterinary School Pandemics & Economics: A Blip or a New Normal? The economic challenges, pandemic challenges and panic response have all come together to impact your veterinary practice. Fast and immediate action can help mollify the worst of things. Here are some actions you […]

Peter and Brooke Weinstein

My daughter, the veterinary student

As Brooke crossed the floor and headed up the stairs a few months ago, I was in a haze. I was awestruck that my daughter was about to receive her white coat, signifying her entry into the professional curriculum at the Carlsen College of Veterinary Medicine at Oregon State University. When the college’s dean, Dr. […]

Find the sweet spot

Diagnosis of a diabetic pet is the first step in a long course of regulation, maintenance and ongoing care. What you do from the start can put the client’s mind at ease and ensure long-term compliance.

“Fuzzy has what? I thought only people got diabetes.” You have just gotten a patient history, performed a physical examination and started talking with your client about the diagnoses that concern you. The presentation of a polyuria, polydipsia, polyphagia and weight loss are pretty classic for a few conditions, but your knowledge and experience tell […]

heartworm disease

Get to the heart of the matter

All the drugs you need to fight heartworm are at your disposal. Now it’s time to educate and advocate.

As a teenager and want-to-be veterinarian working in a metro New York practice, I watched as hundreds of Difil (microfilaria) tests were performed on dogs and thousands of Caricide (diethylcarbamazine) chewables were dispensed. I don’t remember if 100 percent compliance was achieved with testing or preventives. Fast forward 10 years and I was doing an […]

dental care

You can’t handle the tooth!

A gap exists between how we usually approach pet dental care and what we ultimately can achieve. The opportunities to improve patient health and boost practice revenue are huge.

You’ve read about it in this and other veterinary publications. You’ve heard about it from clinicians and consultants. And you might have learned about it in veterinary school. But the numbers do not support that you have accepted it. What is “it”? The huge patient care, client care and practice care opportunities that exist in […]

Keep some skin in the game

Your dermatologic recommendations and products might be only scratching the surface. Client education, stocking the right items and other approaches can make a big difference.

Numbers tell a story, so think about these facts: More than half of all pets are overweight. 85 percent of all pets over age 3 have some level of dental disease. 100 percent of pets have skin and therefore face the risk of a dermatologic disease. In light of the plethora of shampoos, conditioners, food […]

Give it your best shot

Compete with low-cost vaccination clinics by doing what they do or by building a better client relationship.

After graduating from veterinary school and entering a small animal practice as an associate, I recognized a change. One of the more common marketing approaches was to offer a free exam with paid vaccinations. The focus of my four years in veterinary school, the full physical exam, had been demeaned to a free service so […]

The missing link

Asking dog owners about any cats at home — forgotten felines number in the millions — promotes animal health and can help fill a practice’s appointment slots.

The animated television series “CatDog” was released in 1998 on Nickelodeon. If you never saw it, envision a species that is one-half smart, cunning cat and one-half happy-go-lucky dog. Today, the cartoon reflects many U.S. households in which both species happily co-exist while battling for the attention of their owners. However, unlike “CatDog,” who had […]