Peter Brown, DVM

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Better taste, less waste

A renewed focus on chewable medications can increase product sales, generate additional profits and promote client compliance.

As practicing veterinarians, we often have many choices for what we prescribe our patients. Many drugs come in multiple forms, such as caplets, liquids and chewables. Compounding pharmacies give us even more options. Why do we choose one over the other? What do our clients prefer? In this article, let’s explore chewable medications. Deliciously Good From the […]



Do too many clients reject your diagnostic recommendations? Poor staff buy-in and communication shortfalls might be why.

We all know that successful treatment outcomes start with knowing what we are battling. The key then is having the client, who controls the patient and the credit card, say “yes” to our diagnostic recommendations. The steps I will discuss in this article have proven successful in my hospitals. But first, let’s briefly discuss what […]

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Revisit vaccinations

Don’t promote routine exams as merely a time for shots. Use the occasions as an opportunity to practice preventive medicine and to detect early signs of disease.

Vaccines have been the subject of so many articles over the last 50 years. We and our pets are living longer and healthier because of vaccines. Think of all the diseases we no longer see because of the use of modified live and killed vaccines: distemper, rabies, polio, tetanus. Without vaccines, our careers would be […]


What’s your exit strategy?

For practice owners, slapping a “For Sale” sign on your hospital doesn’t cut it. You need to find a buyer who will pay a fair price, accommodate your needs and preserve the culture you built.

Times have changed. When I graduated from veterinary school, most of my classmates started as an associate at a practice and intended to buy in to the practice when the older generation exited. This was a great system. Senior partners would finance junior partners’ purchases, and junior partners could make their principal and interest payments […]


We need a compliance alliance

Pets and their owners are best served when the practice is united on flea and tick solutions and committed to a terrific customer experience.

We are in a unique industry. Our ultimate customers, the ones who receive our services, play no part in deciding whether to see us, pay for the visit or recommend us to their friends. That’s why pet owners matter. Without their saying “yes,” we can’t perform to our oath: Always do what is best for […]

Drugs of choice

Oral and injectable medications play a critical role in the health of pets and the practice. Do you know when to prescribe one over the other?

When should a veterinarian recommend an injectable option vs. an oral option for treatment? The answer: When it is best for the pet. We should never perform a service or recommend an item that is for our benefit and not the pet’s. Thankfully, the injectable options available to us oftentimes are not only the best […] Protection Status