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Experts weigh in on the biggest changes coming to the veterinary industry

Artificial intelligence, regenerative medicine and an increasing minimum wage ranked among our experts’ movers and shakers.

Change is the only constant for anyone working in a veterinary practice or related business. While this is true for many industries in a technology driven world, it hits veterinary professionals particularly hard as they feel the pressure to not only stay up to date on the latest tools and techniques for treating patients, but […]

Preparing for the post-pandemic veterinary business landscape

Veterinary associates and practice owners are understandably worried about the future in a post-pandemic world. But there are bright spots and opportunities.

Our inaugural Clinic Innovation Guide is coming to you at a time when there are many unknowns and financial worries. Take advantage of our tips and sponsored products to bring a fresh light on your practice.

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CDC finds improper handling of chemotherapy drugs

An ongoing research project aims to develop a training prototype for veterinarians, nurses and students.

Veterinary professionals have higher exposure to chemotherapy drugs than counterparts in human medicine because they are not taking proper precautions, say researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC research project — “Bridging the Gap between Human and Veterinary Medicine: Different Patients, Same Hazardous Drugs” — identified the challenges veterinary professionals encounter […]