Pam Foster

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Looking good!

Practice owners considering a new or remodeled hospital can draw inspiration from innovative designs by leading architectural firms.

Floor plans that offer the ultimate in efficiency. Glass blocks that allow more natural light. Comprehensive designs that follow stress-free practice principles at every touch point. Acoustical roofing that reduces noise. State-of-the-art therapies. These are just a few of the features incorporated into the designs of some of the newest hospitals. If you have an […]

5 online marketing musts

Is your clinic website optimized for mobile users? Do you populate the website with videos? Now add more.

You evaluate patient wellness using a checklist: physical exam, presenting signs, test results, age, weight and so forth. And from there you know how to advise clients and address health issues. It’s part of your daily protocol, right? But what about the wellness of your hospital’s online marketing efforts? Do you have a daily protocol […]

Get onboard with pet boarding

Providing a safe haven for cats and dogs while their owners are away can be a moneymaker.

What if you could charge boarding rates like these at one central New Jersey veterinary hospital? Canine: $38 to $49 a night, depending on the dog’s weight. Feline: $32 to $84 a night, depending on the accommodation selected. Granted, the rates may be higher than what is charged in your town, but they show there’s […]

Earn big returns from a hospital face-lift

Looking for upgrades that won’t break the bank? Start with new countertops, LED lights or even a small dental suite.

Do any of these scenarios remind you of your hospital? Your lobby, exam rooms and treatment areas look tired. You are near capacity, so you have trouble accommodating additional patients and new services. Your employees are bumping into each other while examining patients, running diagnostic tests or performing procedures. Your competitors offer services you could […]

Buying equipment soon could lower your tax bill

Veterinary practices should explore IRS sections 179 and 168(k) as a money-saving tactic.

Sections 179 and 168(k) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code can become glorious, money-saving strategies for smart veterinary practices. Here’s why: Practices that need to purchase new equipment may be able to deduct the full price of qualifying equipment during the tax year in which it was placed into service if they elect to do […]

Test your knowledge of generic veterinary drugs

See how you score on these 5 facts about generic veterinary drugs.

You, your team, and your clients have become familiar with certain brand-name drugs for patient care. And even though generic options exist, you and your clients hesitate to make the switch. What’s the hesitancy? What are the common beliefs and misconceptions about veterinary brand-name drugs versus generic veterinary drugs? The main question is: Can generic […]

Dental chews promote patient, practice health

By persuading clients to give their pets VOHC-accepted chews every day, the veterinary team can boost oral health and the bottom line.

U.S. veterinary practices capture just 2 to 3 percent of dental chew sales, meaning nearly all clients buy from retailers instead. That’s a significant chunk of lost cash in the nearly $1 billion market for pet oral care products. But the biggest problem for practitioners isn’t the missed business opportunity. “The biggest opportunity you’re missing […]