Miles Saunders

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hard times

7 financial foul-ups

Veterinarians make some basic errors when it comes to money in their pocket and in their retirement fund. Budget? What budget?

Whether you’re a seasoned multipractice owner or just out of veterinary school, personal financial mistakes can occur at any point of your career. Here are seven common errors, each of which can affect your financial well-being equally. 1. Not Having an Emergency Fund You hear the expression “rainy day fund,” but in reality what you […]

financial planning

What smart veterinarians do financially

Retirement accounts and budgets can put you in a more comfortable fiscal position. Those aren’t your only choices.

After working with many veterinarians, I have distilled some common denominators when it comes to successful practitioners. These are not all-encompassing behaviors, but they seem to be the smartest personal finance actions that a successful veterinarian can undertake. 1. Take full advantage of the unique retirement accounts available to them. For higher-income practice owners who […]

smart money

9 ways to improve your personal finances

Adjusting where you put your money and how you spend it can make a big difference for veterinarians.

Veterinarians are inherently busy, so enacting some relatively easy and quick changes to better themselves financially is a prudent move. Here are nine ways to do just that. 1. Lower your investment fees. Why are you invested in funds that charge exorbitant fees or commissions? Not many funds, if any, outperform the market over the […]

financial adviser

Get personal about your finances

You should have short- and long-term goals and know how to achieve them.

Whether new to the profession or near retirement, veterinarians need a financial game plan. Consider these five questions. 1. What is the point of my savings? Being financially disciplined and saving money is great. Having a goal or multiple goals for your savings is even better. If you are fortunate enough to be able to […]

Selling your hospital can’t be your only retirement plan

Too much can change over time for you to count on a top-dollar sales price and comfortable post-career life.

As the equity partner or sole owner of a veterinary practice, you have put many hardworking years into the growth of your craft and business. Your practice is likely your life’s work. When you evaluate your retirement plan, the practice can be a major asset and cornerstone for your golden years. However, relying on the […] Protection Status