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Marilyn Iturri

Marilyn Iturri is a freelance editor and writer specializing in veterinary and pet topics.

Marilyn Iturri is a freelance editor and writer specializing in veterinary and pet topics.

Ace the Test

How advances in in-house diagnostics are improving veterinary care and freeing up time for the healthcare team

Despite the fact that the American Animal Hospital Association identified compliance as one of the biggest challenges veterinarians face back in 2002, it remains an issue nearly two decades later. Even the best recommendations for treatment and preventive care fall flat if they are not properly carried out. The challenge lies in getting clients to […]

laser therapy

Let there be light

Laser therapy improves patient care, boosts clinic revenue and can deliver an excellent return on investment.

Therapeutic lasers have come a long way since their introduction to veterinary medicine over a decade ago. Back then, so many yet-to-be-studied beneficial claims were made that veterinarians commonly responded with dubiousness. “There is far less skepticism whether it works now because there has been confirmation that it does, both peer to peer and in […]

pet food

Who wants seconds?

Whether you stock therapeutic diets or partner with an online seller, the goal is the same: owner compliance and steady revenue.

For a time, veterinary food sales belonged, logically enough, to veterinarians. But then big-box stores and online retailers began selling therapeutic formulas as well. Chewy.com, for instance, asks the customer for her veterinarian’s telephone number and calls to get the OK for the desired therapeutic diet, then ships it. How can veterinarians compete with this […]

A dark secret

How one veterinarian became a diverter of pet medications, and why he might do it again.

Product diverters are often regarded as traitors in the veterinary community. Practitioners who sell veterinary-channel flea treatments, painkillers and other brand-name products to pet stores and online pharmacies are seen as helping the competition. But one longtime California veterinarian isn’t the least bit apologetic about his foray into the gray market. He spoke with Today’s […]

Charging a Lower Markup for the Care of Chronic Disease Can Help Business

When clients say ‘yes’ to a treatment plan, your practice and patients benefit.

Growing a veterinary practice can be daunting. Many pet owners haven’t seen improvement in their disposable income in awhile, new-client visits have declined and internet pharmacies pose increased competition. Meanwhile, your current clients are valuable assets. But when you present to them a plan to diagnose and treat their pet’s chronic condition, they go into […]