Lori Teller, DVM, DABVP (canine/feline), CVJ

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Dr. Lori Teller practices at Meyerland Animal Clinic in Houston.

Dr. Lori Teller practices at Meyerland Animal Clinic in Houston.


Win the skin patient

Make your veterinary practice the go-to place for dermatologic care, from the most accurate diagnosis to the best treatments.

While dogs and cats don’t need Botox injections to remove wrinkles or injectable fillers to build fuller lips, skin problems are among the most common reasons that clients take their pets for veterinary care. According to Nationwide pet insurance, the top four reasons for a canine veterinary exam in 2017 were related, in order, to […]


Virtual care is the reality

Innovation Station

General practitioners, specialists and even students have a role to play in the evolution of telehealth and the elimination of barriers to veterinary services.

Lots of stuff is going on in the world of virtual care as its utilization shifts from innovators to early adopters and becomes more mainstream. Recent articles have shown increased client demand for telehealth services and satisfaction with its use. This past spring, the American Veterinary Medical Association hosted the Veterinary Virtual Care Summit, which […]

Put your heart into heartworm prevention

Constant communication and education, often through technology, can raise the client compliance rate.

How often do you walk into an exam room and ask the client whether her pet is getting its heartworm preventive and she says “yes”? Your practice management software, though, shows that Ms. Smith bought a six-pack of prevention 12 months ago and always obtains it from you. Technically, Ms. Smith might be giving Fluffy […]

Uncharted waters

The veterinary community saved pets and people when Hurricane Harvey hit Texas.

Hurricane Harvey made landfall along the central coast of Texas on Aug. 25 and worked its way through Houston and southeast Texas, destroying homes and businesses along the way and disrupting the lives of hundreds of thousands of people and their pets. Veterinarians were heavily impacted as well, both personally and professionally. Here are stories […]

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