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Kimberly Ness

Kimberly Ness is senior vice president of insights and marketing for Trone Research and Consulting.

Kimberly Ness is senior vice president of insights and marketing for Trone Research and Consulting.

proactive health care

The 3 Components of Accessibility

If you value pet owner loyalty — and you should — strive to be proactive, communicative and transparent.

The two major drivers of client loyalty are a pet owner’s perceptions of your veterinary practice’s accessibility and value. In the first of this two-part series, I will explore accessibility and explain how you can ensure that you are doing everything possible to optimize perceptions. A study conducted by Trone Research and Consulting found that […]


Cash in on the opportunity

Clients want veterinarians to provide advice and recommendations about nutraceuticals. If you’re not part of the discussion and not stocking supplements, pet owners will look somewhere else.

If you haven’t been hiding under a rock for the past several years, you’ve undoubtedly heard that clients have an ever-increasing number of sources of pet health products, services and information. And you’ve probably seen a steady decrease in your bottom line as your clients turn to those external sources, leading to the sense that […]

pet food

Pet owners beg for nutrition advice

Your clients struggle to navigate the saturated marketplace of pet food and treats. Are you missing an opportunity to help them?

The majority of pet owners are very interested in pet nutrition and — spoiler alert! — they want to learn about it from their veterinarian. Our work with Trone Research and Consulting found that more than 6 in 10 pet owners believe that properly fed pets have fewer health problems and therefore lower veterinary bills. […]


Ready or not, here comes Walmart

A survey reveals how pet owners might respond to the retail giant’s veterinary service offerings.    

Mass marketers see potential in pet care and are getting into the game. They’re adding and expanding product lines, introducing their own brands, and customizing products and marketing to appeal to pet owners. Not seeing it? Thrive veterinary clinics partnered with Petco. Amazon launched a brand of pet food. Subaru ads show dogs driving. That’s […]

veterinary care

Competing in a world of disruption

Independent practice owners who diversify their business model can better respond to the younger generation’s demand for different types of veterinary care.

We’ve all witnessed the migration of consumers from traditional brick and mortar to online. In early 2019, CNBC reported that the total market share of online U.S. retail sales was higher than general merchandise sales for the first time in history. While veterinarians are unlikely to learn a magical way to perform online medical procedures, […]

pet owners

A balance of power

The relationship between pet owners and veterinarians is a two-way street. The digital age and the transparency it created has turned clients into pet care partners.

If you’re old enough to have been raised without information and technology at your fingertips, then you remember the days when consumers had blind faith in medical professionals. Today, however, as the digital-age generation takes over, instant access to information about pet health is having a huge impact on how clients engage with veterinarians and […]