Kent A. Kruse, DVM

pet owner

You can’t afford not to

Solutions are available for clients who lack the means to pay for veterinary care. Whether the answer is insurance, crowdfunding or something in between, the outcome is comforting for the pet, the owner and the soul.

As a brand-new veterinarian in 1963, I thought of myself as a reasonably well-trained animal mechanic. This opinion resulted from me being raised in a household supported by my father’s skills as an electric motor repairman. While my incentive to become a veterinarian was more grounded in a love for animals, my self-image was that […]

pet insurance

What is your practice IQ?

The higher the percentage of insured patients in your practice, the more care clients will approve and the healthier your clinic will be financially.

Management consultants generally agree that establishing and monitoring meaningful metrics is a vital tool for business success. One of the more valuable metrics for veterinarians is the practice insurance quotient, or practice IQ, which represents the percentage of insured pets in the hospital’s active-patient database. Why Practice IQ Is Important Companion animal medicine is unique […]

Pet health insurance offers peace of mind

The article “Place a Premium on Pet Insurance” [June/July 2018] advising veterinarians on the importance of proactively promoting pet health insurance and the subsequent benefits to patients, clients and practice was clearly well-intended. Unfortunately, the article contained some factual errors and flawed advice to practice managers and veterinarians. I am a former practicing veterinarian with […] Protection Status