John Volk

pet health insurance

Educate and elevate

It’s no secret that insured clients spend more on veterinary care. Practices would do well to heed an AVMA policy change and promote coverage.   

At its 2019 convention, the American Veterinary Medical Association revised its pet health insurance policy to be more supportive of client education. The AVMA’s official policy now begins: “The AVMA endorses the concept of pet health insurance that provides coverage to help defray the cost of veterinary medical care and encourages veterinary health care teams […]


Persuading clients to sign up for coverage can ensure top-notch patient care, improve a clinic’s bottom line and boost a veterinarian’s production pay. Try these seven strategies.

A veterinarian has many reasons to recommend pet health insurance to her clients. Among them is the fact that insured pet owners are more likely to bring the animal in at the first sign of illness or injury rather than hold back out of “fear of the big bill.” And they are much more likely […]

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