Judy Gray

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Judy Gray is president of CEO on Call in Tallahassee, Florida. She served as interim CEO of the North American Veterinary Community in 2012-13.

Judy Gray is president of CEO on Call in Tallahassee, Florida. She served as interim CEO of the North American Veterinary Community in 2012-13.

business growth

Ready, set, grow!

Elevating your hospital from the status quo to something really fabulous requires an honest assessment of where you stand and then formulation of a detailed action plan. 

Is the time right to expand your veterinary practice? Here’s what some hospital owners are doing: Hiring another veterinarian. Making home visits to older clients and to clients who want a more compassionate euthanasia experience. Purchasing an expensive, yet medically valuable, piece of equipment to fill an unmet need. Installing a drive-through window for pharmacy […]

corporate culture

The culture conundrum

Building an outstanding organization starts with devoted, empowered leaders who encourage employee camaraderie, team building and plain old fun.

Salaries and benefits are no longer the raison d’être for attracting and retaining the best clinical and support staff. They are looking for more. More what, exactly, is the question? Work/life balance to be sure. What else? Relief from the burden of student debt would be high on the list; that shadow is an ever-present […]


From critic to coach

Turn hostility into harmony by responding proactively, rather than reactively, when conflict arises.

What if you had the power to turn hostile situations into constructive conversation? You already do. You’re called upon to deliver bad news to clients, reprimand employees, and diffuse difficult people and situations. Issac Newton said, “Tact is the knack of making a point without making an enemy.” As a leader, you want to do […]

Know when to fold ’em

Ideally, you want to sell your practice for maximum profit, with minimal disruption and at a time that works best for you.

Many veterinarians are confident they will find a qualified buyer for their practice. They think a large corporation will be in the market to buy the hospital when they are ready to retire. Unfortunately, some discover when positioning their practice for sale that corporations might not be interested in acquiring a veterinary practice of the […]

Help wanted

Have a sound strategy when trying to recruit a veterinarian to a rural practice.

Mayberry or Midtown? Many veterinary college graduates find themselves at this intersection as they choose their career path. Factors that influence them to accept a first job in a rural practice are the hospital’s atmosphere, location, caseload, and the applicant’s urban or rural background. Other considerations are the quality of mentorship, the condition of the […]

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