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Jackie Brown

Jackie Brown is a freelance writer specializing in the pet and veterinary industries.

Jackie Brown is a freelance writer specializing in the pet and veterinary industries.

Jessica Bowditch

A Rehab Technician Who Leads by Example

When she isn’t getting patients back on their feet, Purdue’s Jessica Bowditch is training the next generation of veterinary professionals.

With a voice as warm as sunshine, Jessica Bowditch, RVT, VTS, CCRP, bubbles over with enthusiasm for her career in physical rehabilitation. “When you walk into rehab, it’s like a rainbow hits you,” she said. “The students come in and say, ‘It just feels so happy in here.’ I want the dogs to feel that […]

home delivery

Special delivery

Subscription programs keep pet owners stocked with therapeutic diets. Veterinary practices still profit from food sales and aren’t responsible for maintaining a large inventory.

If you haven’t tried it, you might be surprised by what the home delivery of therapeutic diets can do for your clients and clinic. Subscription programs offer pet owners a simple way to be resupplied at their front door, and they generate consistent revenue for practice owners. “Using an online store allows us access to […]

Place a premium on pet insurance

Promoting the availability of health coverage can benefit the patient, client and practice.

Pet health insurance is a contract between the provider and the veterinary client, so why should a hospital owner make pet insurance a priority topic in the clinic? Simply put, when clients are insured, everyone wins. An insured client is often more willing to say “yes” to a treatment recommendation. Patients get needed care, and […]

Deliver the goods

Veterinary practices can fulfill client needs — and reduce inventory costs — by working with a vendor to ship drugs and food directly to the pet’s home.

Today’s veterinary clients can easily go online or stop at a human pharmacy to purchase their pets’ pharmaceuticals. From their perspective, what could be simpler than filling a personal prescription and a pet’s prescription at the same time? Unfortunately, it means in-clinic veterinary sales suffer. Some practice managers looking for ways to bring lost pharmacy […]

Client financing pays dividends

Third-party funding, whether by credit card or loan, can ensure that the pet gets the care it needs and the practice gets the business.

When pet owners can’t afford to pay for veterinary services, everyone suffers: the patient, which might go without proper medical treatment; the client, who can’t help the pet and might consider euthanasia in place of costly treatment options; and the clinic, which misses out on the revenue. “Affordability can be a primary barrier for pet […]

How to find a good relief vet

Start early when looking for a fill-in doctor, and think about contracting with a headhunter.

Whether you’re a solo practitioner in desperate need of a vacation or a practice manager dealing with an associate veterinarian’s sudden medical leave, hiring a relief veterinarian may feel like a daunting task, particularly if it’s your first time. The first thing to know is that finding a relief veterinarian may take longer than expected. […]