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Kristina Kanani Henricks financing

Be right on the money

If you need capital for a practice start-up, upgrade or expansion, should you pursue debt or equity financing? With one you answer to a lender and the other to an investor.

Kristina Kanani Henricks, DMV, MS, Ph.D., was following her dream when she opened Good Karma Spay and Neuter Clinic in Hilo, Hawaii, this past summer. “I had no idea how hard it would be to secure financing,” Dr. Henricks said. “My credit score is exemplary, and I am an experienced veterinarian, so I thought I […]

4 financing solutions

If you’re looking to grow your hospital or start one, then consider loans, lease agreements or even business credit cards to help you achieve your goal.

Lori Scarlett, DVM, had been thinking of opening a veterinary practice for a while. When space opened up that she thought would be perfect, she jumped on it. But her initial attempts to find financing were frustrating. She talked with local banks, but they required more money down than what she wanted to invest and […]