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Airvet obtains $14 million in investor funding

The telemedicine app maker has 2,700 veterinarian uses as demand for virtual care spikes amid public health concerns.

Airvet obtains $14 million in investor funding
The Airvet app connects veterinarians with pet owners.

Airvet, a 20-month-old veterinary telemedicine platform developer, has raised $14 million from investors in an effort to meet rising demand for virtual care services.

The Series A funding round attracted lead investor Canvas Ventures along with e.ventures, Burst Capital, Starting Line, TrueSight Ventures, Hawke Ventures, Bracket Capital, Michael Stoppelman and Spencer Rascoff, according to the company.

Airvet reported that more than 2,700 veterinarians use its virtual care app to connect with clients.

The company was founded by Brandon Werber, a 2009 University of Southern California business school graduate.

“I grew up with a veterinarian as a father,” said Werber, Airvet’s CEO. “I never had to worry about my pet’s care. Whenever I needed help or had concerns, I’d just call or text my dad and I’d get accurate answers right away. That gave me such a feeling of comfort.

“I want to bring that on-demand, high-quality care to every pet owner in the world. If Airvet can deliver that feeling, we’ve done our job.”

Wisconsin practice owner Russ Brewer used his Airvet platform more than 1,300 times over the past few weeks, the company reported.

“Limitations from COVID-19 inspired us to expand our practice while we integrate virtual care into the workflow almost overnight,” Dr. Brewer said.

“We’re using it for our curbside appointments, rechecks and general virtual visits for those who can’t or aren’t comfortable leaving the house.”

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