Image of Ed Branam, DVM

Ed Branam, DVM

Column: Protect and Defend

Protect & Defend columnist Dr. Ed Branam is veterinary and animal services program manager for Safehold Special Risk Inc., a division of Wells Fargo Insurance. He serves on the American Veterinary Medical Association’s Legislative Advisory Committee.

Image of Brian Conrad, CVPM

Brian Conrad, CVPM

Column: Selling Points

Selling Points columnist Brian Conrad is practice manager at Meadow Hills Veterinary Center in Kennewick, Washington, and president of the Veterinary Hospital Managers Association.

Image of Mark Cushing, JD

Mark Cushing, JD

Column: Politics and Policy

Mark Cushing is a political strategist, lobbyist and the founding partner of the Animal Policy Group. He serves on the Today’s Veterinary Business editorial advisory board.

Image of Trey Cutler, JD

Trey Cutler, JD

Column: Go With the Flow

Trey Cutler, JD, is an attorney specializing in veterinary business matters.

Image of Amanda Donnelly, DVM, MBA

Amanda Donnelly, DVM, MBA

Column: Talk the Talk

Amanda Donnelly, DVM, MBA, owns a Florida-based veterinary consulting firm.

Image of Eric D. Garcia

Eric D. Garcia

Column: Socially Acceptable

Eric Garcia is an IT and digital marketing consultant and the founder of Simply Done Tech Solutions.

Image of Paul Gladysz, AIA, NCARB, CSI, ICC

Paul Gladysz, AIA, NCARB, CSI, ICC

Column: Constructive Criticism

Constructive Criticism columnist Paul Gladysz is the principal architect at BDA Architecture. The firm specializes in the planning, design and construction of animal care facilities.

Image of Charlotte Lacroix, DVM, JD

Charlotte Lacroix, DVM, JD

Column: H.R. Huddle

Charlotte Lacroix, DVM, JD, is the founder and CEO of Veterinary Business Advisors Inc. She serves on the Today’s Veterinary Business editorial advisory board.

Image of Bob Lester, DVM

Bob Lester, DVM

Column: Creative Disruption

Bob Lester, DVM, is a former practice owner and a founding member of Banfield Pet Hospitals and the Lincoln Memorial University College of Veterinary Medicine. He serves on the NAVC board of directors.

Image of Leslie A. Mamalis, MBA, MSIT, CVA

Leslie A. Mamalis, MBA, MSIT, CVA

Column: Money Matters

Money Matters columnist Leslie A. Mamalis is the owner and senior consultant at Summit Veterinary Advisors. Learn more at

Image of Natalie Marks, DVM

Natalie Marks, DVM

Column: Fearless

Natalie Marks, DVM, is co-owner of Blum Animal Hospital in Chicago. She is Fear Free certified.

Image of Abby Suiter, MBA, CVPM

Abby Suiter, MBA, CVPM

Column: Take Charge

Abby Suiter, MBA, CVPM, is the practice manager at Daniel Island Animal Hospital in Daniel Island, South Carolina.

Image of Jeff Thoren, DVM, BCC, PCC

Jeff Thoren, DVM, BCC, PCC

Column: Go With the Flow

Jeff Thoren, DVM, BCC, PCC, is vice president of VetPartners and the founder of Gifted Leaders.

Image of Sandy Walsh, RVT, CVPM

Sandy Walsh, RVT, CVPM

Column: Getting Technical

Sandy Walsh, RVT, CVPM, is a consultant at PetOps LLC and an instructor at Patterson Veterinary University.